Meaning of a broken mala

It is normal to be saddened by a broken mala. A broken mala is a broken karmic cycle. It signifies that it is time for reflection and to release the intention associated with your beads. According to some yogis, a broken mala means that you no longer need it since you absorbed all the positive energies in the beads. It is therefore time to find a new intention.

Things to do with a broken mala

If you feel that the mala broke prematurely and you did not fulfill the intention you had set out for your mala, you could restring your mala. 

If you do not wish to restring your mala, here are a few options to do with a broken mala:

  1. Place your broken mala on an altar;
  2. Create a ritual of letting go of intentions and bury or throw your mala into a body of water;
  3. Carry in your pocket a small section of your mala; 
  4. Restring some or all of the beads in a new necklace or bracelet.