Since mala beads store and absorb energies, it is important to clean your mala occasionally. Also, a mala should only be worn or even touched by a single person. Cleaning your mala resets its energetic qualities. Here are a few of the best ways to clean your mala:

  1. Expose your mala to sunlight or moonlight;
  2. Burn white sage or Palo Santo over your mala;
  3. Place your mala in a singing bowl and ring the edges;
  4. Place your favorite gemstones around your mala;
  5. Chant with your mala in-hand;
  6. Place your mala in a bowl of warm water with a touch of sea salt;
  7. Cleanse your mala in the ocean.

After cleaning your mala, it is important to reset your intention, it could be the same or a new intention.

Here is an article on how to activate your mala.