1. Vinyasa flow is the most popular yoga style.
  2. A crowded yoga class is the main reason participants would walked out of a class.
  3. The Om symbol is connected to the Ajna Chakra or the third-eye chakra located in the middle of the forehead.
  4. Om represents the sound of the universe.
  5. Namaste is a traditional greeting that literally translates as “I bow to you.”
  6. The injury incidence in yoga is 1.18 injuries per 1,000 hours of yoga.
  7. 64% of the total injuries are lower extremity injuries – hip, hamstring, knee, ankle, feet and toes.
  8. Since 2015, yoga is as popular as golf.
  9. Born in 1916, Ida Herbert from Canada is the oldest registered yoga instructor.
  10. Yoga participants choose a yoga studio based on the cost, convenience and the quality of the instructors.
  11. For only 29% of yoga teachers, yoga is their primary source of income.
  12. Indian inmates do yoga to decrease their sentences.
  13. There are two yoga teachers in training for every current yoga teacher.
  14. Almost all yoga instructors (98%) take part in other physical activities.
  15. A fifth (20%) of the yoga instructors have been practicing for over ten years.
  16. Over half (55%) of yoga instructors have been teaching for over six years.
  17. Two thirds (67%) of yoga instructors teach ten hours or less per week.
  18. There are seven qualities associated with yoga teachers:
  • Knowledge of poses;
  • Eager to help;
  • Approachable;
  • Clear instructions;
  • Give adjustments;
  • Warm;
  • Friendly.



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