Thanksgiving’s holiday inspired me the Gratitude Meditation below.

Bring your attention to your breath.

Each breath brings you life.

Bring awareness to your heartbeat. 

Your heart filled with harmony, love, peace, compassion, empathy, forgiveness 

Thank your eyes that allow you to see beautiful sceneries, the smiles of your loved ones, the sunrise and your reflection in the mirror. 

Thank your ears for the sounds, the laughter and the voices of those you love and the music you hear. 

Thank your nose for the sweet smells you recognize. perfume, flowers, trees, a pie in the oven. 

Thank your lips and mouth that taste, kiss, speak, whisper and sing. 

Thank you hands that hold, touch, caress and applaud. 

Thank your feet and toes that transport you, make you walk, run, dance, kick, fold and leap. 

Feel the magic that surrounds you. Embrace the energy of this safe place. 

Bring awareness to your abundance, your evolution and your expansion. 

Breathe grace, and ease. 

Experience the warmth, love and compassion that gratitude brings to your heart. 

Think of nurturing relationships in your life, the old ones and the new ones. Thank these people that bless you with their presence. 

Bring your awareness to the love in your life and your connections to people that are kind, loving and honourable. 

Breathe and feel the flow of gratitude around your heart center. 

Return your attention to your breath and let your body remember the sensations of your gratitude.