The Tibetan term for inner fire is TUMMO.

It combines breath, movement and visualisation techniques to enter a deep state of meditation which increases inner heat.

Our inner fire controls our body temperature. 

PRANAYAMA: Kapalabhati – breath of fire or cleansing breath. Short, powerful exhalations and passive inhalations. 

MUDRA: Agni mudra – also known as the mudra of fire. Hold the ring finger with the thumb. The other fingers are straight. 


  1. In a seated position with a straight back. Mouth closed and tongue to the roof. Eyes can either be opened or half closed. 
  2. Imagine you are hollow like a balloon. Your skin is shiny and glowing but the inside is empty. 
  3. Visualize a central channel from your perineum to the top of your head. Imagine secondary channels that start at each nostrils and then reach the third eye to end at the navel. The channels are hollow. (Swipe to see the image. Courtesy of website).
  4. Take a medium breath and when you exhale imagine your breath descending along the secondary channels to then reach the main canal at the navel. 
  5. Imagine a very little and very warm ball of fire. As you breathe, the ball grows bigger and gets warmer. 
  6. Exhale completely and hold your breath for 5 to 15 seconds. (Stop immediately if you start to feel dizzy ).
  7. Now release the energy you have concentrated in the very small ball. Imagine the ball going to your head and the energy flowing out like a fountain. The flow of energy cleans your chakras. 
  8. Feel free to make the ball of fire pass through any body parts or specific chakra that need love.