Mala becomes the intention for the practice – prayers, hopes and dreams.

Intention-filled malas

Materials, stones and symbols

African opal: love, passion and relationships

Agate: grounding, balance and truth

Amazonite: peace, love and strength

Amethyst: power and protection

Apatite: creativity and motivation

Aquamarine: confidence, harmony and relationships

Avanturine: compassion, empathy and understanding

Calcite: cleansing, grounding and centering

Carnelian: stability, fertility and vitality

Chalcedony: generosity, self confidence and openness

Chrysocolla: communication, empowerment and teaching

Coral: peace, resolution and harmony

Dumortierite: intelligence and perseverance

Feldspar: creativity and self awareness

Howlite: tranquility, patience and memory

Jade: purity, harmony and abundance

Jasper: tranquility, courage and honesty

Labradorite: intuition, creativity and imagination

Lapis: peace, protection and self-expression

Larima: serenity, relaxation, communication and healing

Lava Rock: strength, clarity and guidance

Lilac Stone: comfort and synchronicity

Magnesite: peace, love and relaxation

Moonstone: protection, nurturing, self-expression and fertility

Obsidian: protection, clarity and honesty

Onyx: strength, stamina and self-confidence

Pearl: love, faith and charity

Pyrite: meditation, protection, stamina and self-confidence

Quartz: energy, clarification and connection

Riverstone: clarity and resolution

Rhodonite: balance, peace and reconciliation

Rose Quartz: peace, love and acceptance

Rosewood: improves circulation and warming

Rudraksha Seeds: abundance and prosperity

Sandalwood: Clairvoyance, divination, good luck, meditation, protection, success.

Smoky Quartz: grounding, protection and connection

Sodalite: harmony, clarity and calmness

Tiger Eye: power, courage, passion, strength and good fortune

Turquoise: healing, protection and purification