Let your body relax. Sink into your mat as your muscles relax they get heavier.

Visualize a spark in your heart. Imagine the spark glowing brighter. The glow expands out of your chest. 

The light becomes brighter and brighter and fills your chest. Feel the sensation of the warm light spreading inside your body, reaching your belly, your shoulders. The light and the glow keep expanding and getting brighter. It glows all the way to your extremities: toes, fingertips and head. 

Acknowledge the beauty of your light: your true power, your wisdom and your love. 

Visualize a beam of light at the top of your head that connects you with the divine. 

Visualize two beams of light growing through the soles of your feet that connect you with Mother Earth. 

Nurture this light. Feed the light. Love this light. 

Let your light shine. 

Allow yourself to beacon it. 

Give yourself permission to become one with this light within you. 

Connect with your light. 

Let your light shine. 

Allow this bright light inside to become a shower of fireworks. 

Recognize the beauty of your light. 

You light up the sky. 

As your fireworks sizzle, imagine your brilliant light reaching the heart of those around you. Your light brings happiness in their life. 

Your body shines like a radiant star. This beautiful light is your light; your personal brilliance. It is all the love in your heart. 

Remember to shine your light wherever you are. Share your light to make others around you happy. 

With a sense of gratitude and appreciation, take a deep inhalation and exhale completely. 

Come back to the present moment and make a commitment to yourself not to let anything or anyone dim your light. 

Let your light shine.