What are chakras?

The old Sanskrit word Chakra is translated as spinning disk or wheel. Chakra is defined as energy centers. There are numerous chakras located along the spine. Some speculated that there are 114 minor chakra in the human body. Each chakra has its own symbol, frequency, mantra and colour.

What are the seven main chakras?

The seven main (or fundamental) chakra start at the base of the spine (sushumna nadi) and move up to the top of the head.

The first three chakra are physical chakra, the heart chakra is the bridge and the last three are spiritual chakra.

  1.         Muladhara: Root (or base) Chakra: It represent security, survival, safety, being grounded, stability, prosperity, basic trust and material wealth. Located at the base of the spine. Associated to Lord Ganesh and Brahman and the colour red.
  2.         Svadishthana: Sacral (or Naval) Chakra: It represents emotions, creativity and sexual energy. Located in the lower abdomen or the perineum. Associated with Lord Vishnu and the colour orange.
  3.         Manipura: Solar Plexus Chakra: It represents independence, wisdom, confidence, power, courage and bravery. Located in the solar plexus, below the diaphragm. Associated with Maharudra Shiva and the colour yellow.
  4.         Anahata: Heart Chakra : It represents compassion, healing, forgiveness, love, peace, friendship and harmony. Located in the chest. Associated with Ishvara and the colour green.
  5.         Vishuddhi: Throat Chakra: It represents self expression, communication, words and connection. Located in the throat over the larynx. Associated with Sadashiva and the colour blue.
  6.         Ajna: Third eye (or brow) Chakra: It represents psychic, awareness, consciousness, vision, intuition and mind. Located between the brows. Associated with Ardhanarishvara and the colour indigo.
  7.         Sahasrara: Crown Chakra: It represents spirituality, oneness, connecting to our higher self and divinity, This chakra is the only chakra located outside the physical body, as it is located above the crown of the head. Associated with Lord Shiva and the colour white or violet.

How to heal, unblock, align and balance our chakra?

To be aligned, it is important to have the root chakra stable.

Techniques to open the chakra.

To attain samadhi (bliss) and moksha (freedom) all chakra must be awakened.

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